This year Bayram Hajizadeh marks the 30th anniversary of his activity as a cartoonist and the President of the Azerbaijani Cartoonists’ Union. The personal exhibitions of the artist Bayram Hajizadeh dedicated to this anniversary were held in several countries. On December 7th, 2016 personal exhibition “Satirical graphics by Bayram Hajizadeh” was opened in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. It was held in the Taras Shevchenko National Museum of Ukraine. The exhibition presented 70 caricatures of the artist, awarded at different International Cartoon Contests and published in various catalogues. The organizer of this event, well-known caricaturist Vladimir Kazanevski pronounced a speech at the opening ceremony, and notably highlighted that a spirit of tolerance was considerably observed in the caricatures created by Bayram Hajizadeh. Public figures, artists, journalists, officials of Ukraine, including representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Ukraine participated in the exhibition.

          On December 16th , 2016 the personal exhibition of Bayram Hajizadeh was opened in Yekaterinburg city of Russia. The exhibition was organized on the initiative and with the support of the Yekaterinburg’s Cartoon Museum and well-known Russian cartoonist Stanislaw Ashmarin.

 Caricatures on different themes created by Bayram Hajizadeh in recent years were presented at the exhibition.

          On December 19th , 2016 his personal exhibition “Without Words” was arranged in Minsk, the capital city of Belarus. The exhibition of cartoons was held at the Yakub Kolas Museum, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus.

Z. Komarovskaya, Director of State Literary and Memorial Museum of Yakub Kolas, Q. Sitnica, Chairman of the Union of Artist of Belarus, A. Korshakevich, editor-in-chief of “Vojak”, the satirical magazine, A. Qarmaza, General Director of the “Belarus” Publishing House, as well as other well-known artists of the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine, journalists, representatives of the mass media and representatives of the public attended the exhibition. Bayram Hajizadeh was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus "For strengthening friendship between the two countries and contributing to the further development of the cartoon as a genre."

          On January 21st , 2017 his personal exhibition was opened in Istanbul with the support of Union of Cartoonists of Turkey and Istanbul Municipality. Metin Peker, Head of the Union of Cartoonists of Turkey, well-known Turkish cartoonists- Muhittin Koroglu, Ergul Aktas, Erdogan Basol, Kamil Yavuz and others were among the participants of the exhibition held in Istanbul. At this exhibition, Bayram Hajizadeh was awarded with Diploma “On Honorary membership of the Union of Cartoonists of Turkey”.

On February 16th , 2017 the personal exhibition of Bayram Hajizadeh was opened in Haifa city, Israel. Caricatures by Bayram Hajizadeh created during recent years were presented at the exhibition, arranged on the initiative of the Association of Caricaturists of Israel and Union of Artists of Israel. Boris Erenburg, well-known cartoonist and the organizer of the exhibition, Nimrod Reshef, Chairman for the Caricaturists and Comic book artists in Israel, attended the opening ceremony of exhibition, in their speeches they particularly highlighted the significance of such exhibitions for strengthening friendship between the two countries and contributing to the development of the cartoon genre. Moreover, other well-known cartoonists and public figures of Israel were among participants of this exhibition.

          ‘Tolerance , the exhibition devoted to the 30th anniversary of the creative  activity of Bayram Hajizadeh, the President  of the Azerbaijani Cartoonists Union is still opened. It is supposed that  until the end of 2017 the personal exhibitions of Bayram Hajizadeh would be held in Barcelona (Spain), Tabriz  (Iran), Ankara (Turkey), Sofia (Bulgaria), Moscow (Russia), Poltava (Ukraine) and other cities all over the world. We kindly invite you to attend these exhibitions.


"FECONEWS"  N0 62, 2017